LUKE MATER 

                WHITE FIRE TACTICAL, LLC

Prior to starting White Fire Tactical, Luke has worked as an employment recruiter for a national recruitment company, a field technician for a medical testing company and as a private practitioner certified self-defense fitness instructor. Luke attended Tactical Elite Training Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado and holds certifications and license as an Armed Private Security Officer, Handcuffing, Expandable Baton, & OC/Pepper Spray.  He is a full time student at Liberty University in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Program majoring in Military Science/National Security, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship. Luke is also a Certified Professional Life Coach through Light University. He specializes in educating and coaching his clients in setting and achieving life goals, threat preparedness, crisis response, personal/professional safety, security and emergency preparedness. Luke has been contracted by several security firms and assisted in supporting the Secret Service for a Presidential event. Estate assignments included a $75M mansion estate. UHNW assignments included a billionaire and a professional hockey team. Property Surveillance and Asset Protection included assignment on a $200M energy project supporting 3 energy companies and Department of Interior - Bureau of Land Management.

Luke’s vision for White Fire Tactical began at 11 years old. Having lived through several national, community and personal crisis events, Luke had a vision for White Fire Tactical. The vision is to take the fear out of threat preparedness, survival, safety and security and provide non-threatening resources and services. 

Luke’s back story...

Luke was born in Okinawa, Japan where his father was stationed with the United States Air Force. His mother was a U.S. Air Force civilian contractor at Kadena Air Base among other special operations joint forces military installations. In addition, Luke’s grandfather was a member of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne and his uncle was a member of Army Special Forces Green Beret. His stepfather was a member of the National Guard and is a career pilot having flown air ambulance life flights. His military family upbringing gave Luke an insider's view into the need for every American to “be prepared and stay prepared” in every scenario possible.

Luke’s introduction to the United States was in Washington D.C. when at 2 years old Luke’s family relocated to Andrews Air Force Base now known as Joint Base Andrews. Shortly after relocating to D.C. the anthrax attacks and 9/11 attacks ensued. Living only a few miles from the Pentagon at that time the devastating effects of the events instilled in Luke a greater need for threat and emergency preparedness.

After the triage phase of the 9/11 attacks, Luke and his family relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado where is dad works at the U.S Air Force Academy as the Safety Inspector and his mom is a Psychotherapist, successful Entrepreneur and Business Consultant. Luke developed, through deep exposure to his family’s careers, an innate understanding of the crucial importance of developing survival skills and the need for threat and emergency preparedness, personal, community, and national safety and security.

Luke has always been intrigued by the sciences and has a unique ability to combine the science disciplines to come up with creative solutions to complex issues. Being raised in Colorado and Texas and privately educated in both states afforded him the ability to participate in extracurricular activities such as survival skill classes in various terrains and climates including survival backcountry and mountain hunting and fishing, urban and practical self-defense, unconventional self-defense, low light defense training, mixed martial arts, advanced and field first aid, CPR, field, and tactical nutrition. He was privately instructed by Commander Adam Hanna at Tactical Elite Training Academy and by elite firearms instructor and Apache knife fighting instructor Auristela Moctezuma at Stellar Tactical, LLC, among other elite instructors.

The primary goal of White Fire Tactical is to help everyday patriots prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for predictable and unpredictable situations.